What You Got

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Song Length 2:53 Genre Country - Americana
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Attracted, Crush


Sometimes I take a little drink...when I'm feeling dry.
Just one drop, and then I stop, before I get too high.

And when I sit down to eat...I don't go hog wild.
Just enough to fill me up, and hold me for a while.

When it comes to you, I can't help myself, just can't get my fill.
I want some more of what you got, and then I want more still.

Early to bed, early to rise... I don't stay out late.
I need my rest, to do my best, so I don't hesitate.

Repeat Chorus

Moderation in all things used to be my goal.
But when I see you walking down the street, I just lose control.


Lyrics Andy Langford Music Andy Langford
Producer Living Easy (Joan and Andy Langford) Publisher Living Easy Music
Performance Living Easy (Joan and Andy Langford), Mark DIamond, Josh Gordon

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