No Second Chances

Song Description

She's dumping a lying cheating lover

Song Length 2:53 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Annoyed Subject Bad Love, Breaking Up
Similar Artists Shania Twain Era 2000 and later


You can take your cheating ways,
Get out shut the door behind.
I used to be in love with you,
Now I know that love is blind.
You?ve been sneaking around making me your fool,
So as of today ? No Second Chances for you!

Remember back when we first met,
You said I was the only one.
I said let?s take our time you wouldn?t wait
So we had our fun.
You?ve been lying when you promised to be true,
So as of this moment ? No Second Chances for you!

I don?t wanna play your games no more,
We?ve been through this too many times before.

I?m getting sick and tired of apologies,
Don?t even bother getting back on your knees.

I?ve had my say - you?ve had yours,
There?s nothing left to talk about.
You?re down on the mat,
And you?ve been counted out.
Now I?m saving my love for somebody true,
Cause as of today - No Second Chances for you!

Lyrics Lance Barnett Music Lance Barnett
Producer Kim Copeland Performance Rachel Williams
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