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A song about realizing what you have & making the best of it

Song Length 3:39 Genre Rock - Modern, Rock - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood In High Spirits
Subject Life, Laugh, Smile Similar Artists Collective Soul, Matchbox Twenty
Language English Era 2000 and later


Copyright 2000 Tristano


Look at the sun whisper to the clouds
Tell me what you hear or what you see
Speak of all your pleasures your story?s just begun
If you get lost you can always follow me


On your journey you?ll see many lights
In many towns along the way
You?ll sleep in your car drive through the night
Making your mark along the way


These are the times of your life
You?ve got to make the best of what you?ve got
Life is only what you make of it
You?ve got to listen to your heart


It?s time to settle now, all the roads are gone
Dreams are met and a star is born
Once a fallen soul living in a shadow
Has finally beaten the storm


You?ve got to believe in the message in your heart
It?s telling you to be strong cause you?ve got to play your part
You?ve got to believe there?s something out there for you
Life?s gonna go on and what you gonna do what will you do

Lyrics Tony Tristano, Kevin Jackson Music Tony Tristano, Kevin Jackson
Producer Tony Tristano, Kevin Jackson, Mike Talanca Performance Tony Tristano, Kevin Jackson, Rick Williams
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