Street Musician

Story Behind The Song

?Street Musician? - To fill in some of the financial blanks as a full time musician, I?ll sometimes play music in Boston subways for tips and CD sales. It?s a great way to hone performance chops and test new material. I?m always amused by those few subway performers who haven?t yet realized that they were never officially hired for this gig. ?Street Musician? is a facetious look at one of these misinformed characters. Ironically, when I play it in the subways, people pay up!

Song Description

facetious look at street performing/busking

Song Length 2:30 Genre Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cheerful, Sociable Subject Musician
Language English Era 2000 and later


this is my acoustic
i like to bang on these here strings
them that stop to listen say that i can really sing
i come here with my tin can and hope you?ll give what?s fair
i am a street musician - thank you kindly for your share!

you all know bob dylan
he started much the same way
big difference between us is that he had something to say
but i don?t see a problem, you?re still waiting on your train
i am a street musician, i got nothin? to explain

don?t hold your breath coz i won?t go
i will take checks, i will take plastic
i?ll take requests that i don?t know
i?ll take that hotdog if you?re done
i will take anything, i will take anything

yes, i have a day job
now tell me why did you have to ask?
i come down here to sing my songs and forget about all that
i know i?m not james taylor, i ain?t no rolling stone
i am a street musician, and this subway is my own

everybody gotta have a hobby
this one?s mine
it passes the time
brother can you spare a dime?

Lyrics Kellie Lin Knott Music Kellie Lin Knott
Producer Kellie Lin Knott/Joe Hand/Cathy Chalmers Publisher Kellie Lin Knott
Performance Kellie Lin Knott Label Kellie Lin Knott

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