Bring on the Rain

Story Behind The Song

?Bring On the Rain? - For a period of roughly two years, I was unable to play guitar, or complete even the most effortless of tasks due to nerve damage in both of my arms. I moved home (from Boston, MA to St. Paul, MN) to search for a solution. It was humbling to find myself once again so dependent on others for basic needs. During this time, a fellow musician helped me through a nasty writer?s block by suggesting that I write something simple. I wrote ?Bring On the Rain? in celebration of the many gifts & struggles that had shaped my experience, without knowing if I?d ever be well enough to play it on the guitar. It was the first song I played on my guitar when I was able to use my hands again, and still serves as a gentle ?note to self? whenever I sing the lyric.

Song Description

what doesn't kill us makes us bring on the rain.

Song Length 4:19 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Country - Alternative
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Exultant, Serene Subject Universe, Change
Language English Era 2000 and later


bring on the rain
bring on the storms
bring on the power
you are known for
bring on the courage to get me out the door
then bring on the rain
bring on the storms

i?ve had a good life
i?ve had it easy
friends and family
who love and need me
and for every thorn that pierced my skin
there was a wisdom, creeping in

bring on the rain
when the flood comes rushing from the river
teach me how to weather
the shaking and the shivers
bring on the rain
and if i swallow more than i can handle
help me breathe and stand up
not get so sentimental
bring on the rain

bring on the rain
and then the sun
to bring the knowing
that what?s past and done
will bring the peace
when there is more
more of the rain
more of the storms

Lyrics Kellie Lin Knott Music Kellie Lin Knott
Producer Kellie Lin Knott/Joe Hand/Cathy Chalmers Publisher Kellie Lin Knott
Performance Kellie Lin Knott Label Kellie Lin Knott

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