Mr. Goodstuff

Song Length 3:42 Genre Rap - General, R & B - General
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Duet Male


Mr. Goodstuff
Copyright 2005

(Verse 1)
Let me tell you about this girl that I've been bangin
A pretty little thing, man I ain't playin

But she don't know that I've been foolin around
And she don't have a clue that I've been layin them down

I love my baby girl. I'll do anything for her
Send a dozen roses cuz I adore her

But she don't even know about them girls on the side
And she don't even know that I've been gettin inside
Let's ride

See the moment you have someone,
You wanna go and have some fun.
And the oment you're all alone
You wanna call someone your own.
And every time you settle down
You wanna go and mess around
Better make your minde up
You gotta choose between lust and love.

She was callin me Mr. Goodstuff
She was givin me all her good love
But she don't want no player to love her
So now I gotta make my mind up
Before it's too late and time's up
That's when she told me.
(Someday you'll be all alone - Jackson 5)

(Verse 2)
Lately I've been thinking I should pop the question
When I look into her eyes, there ain't no second guessing

But I can't help but notice when that ass pass by
I love you baby
And I can't help but holla when she catch my eye
Great dag!

When we walk up in the mall I like to hold hands with her
We be makin people sick the way I hug and kiss her.

But she don't even know what I did up in the Benz
And she don't have a clue that I've been bangin her friends.
That's shady.



Can't be a playa forever
So maybe I should get it together
Settle down and just bite the bullet
Stay the course
Tie it down,
And just learn to cool it.
Flush my little black book right down the toilet
I could be true to my girl for sure
Have a couple mini-me's,
A minivan with a sliding door
No more hangin at the club with my buddies,
Instead I'm wih the kids watchin Tellatubbies.
Hell No!

I'm a be a playa for life
Cuz that's all I know.
I live, breath and die by the playa's code
And I satisfy my women from head to toe
So if you didn't know, then now you know
All the playas let me hear you go...
Da, da, dat da-da
All my ladies let me hear you go...
Da, da, dat da-da
All the playas let me hear you go...
Da, da, dat da-da
All my ladies let me hear you go...
Da, da, dat da-da


Lyrics J. McMinn (Joe Tann) & B. Goodman (Bizzy Black) Music Matrax (Sample: Jackson 5)
Producer J. McMinn (Joe Tann) Performance BlaK-N-TanN
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