Gotta Get Up

Song Length 7:19 Genre R & B - Funk, Jazz - General
Language English Era 2000 and later


Gonna step on out.
Take a walk outside to my good friends.
Gonna drop on by.
Getting high,
Our fun never ends.

Gonna step outside.
Got to get out and drop on by.
Lighten up and fly.
Take a walk on the bright side
The light side of life.

Oh it?s time to get up.
Yeah, it?s time to get up.

Down at the corner store
All your friends say, ?Girl, you?re a whore.?
But you?re a hot trick now.
All the boys they say you know how.

Oh, you?ve got to get up.
Yeah, you?ve got to get up.

I?m wearing my blue summer dress
and I can feel the breeze in my hair.
There?s the sweat from the heat and the beat of the calls from the men on the street
Je revais le bon heur, ardent mirage.
But I wait for only you and your kiss.

Strung up and sad.
Wired and hung up and wanting a drag.
Know it?s going around,
Feeling good until you come down.

Oh it?s time to get up.
Yeah, it?s time to get up.

Come on people now
Get up ? take a stand
No more passing hands.
You know you?ve got to get up.

Lyrics Karen Mitchell Music David von Holder, Randy Odell, Karen Mitchell
Producer Diggsville & Garth May Publisher Tone Poet Publishing
Performance Karen Mitchell - vocals, Randy Lee Odell - drums & percussion, Nadine Whitfield - saxophones, David von Holder - keyboards & sound design, David Hermocillo - bass

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