We Remember Carol

Story Behind The Song

We lost our youngest daughter, Carol, at age 32, in the 9th month of her second child's pregnancy. She contracted Legionnaires Disease. The child she was bearing was lost, also.

Song Length 2:49 Genre Country - General, Country - Traditional
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving, Poignant Subject Sorrow, Pride
Language English


Lyrics & Music by James A. Schoke Ac2007

Verse 1
We look for answers after all these years,
To our daughter's loss, and forever tears,
Young mother, in her womb a second child lay,
We remember Carol when they both passed away,
Yes, we remember Carol.

Verse 2
All those who knew her goodness and her grace,
Will know why we miss her phone calls, her face,
For charities she worked and played a leading role,
We remember Carol, and how she nursed her soul.
Yes, we remember Carol.

`Bridge 1
From start to end, life's like fleeting dreams,
Our joy or pain makes mem'rable some scenes,
Parents should go before their children are taken,
Can memories keep us from feeling forsaken?

Verse 3
Computer ladies in her day were rare,
The first bank ATMs used her software,
So gentle, but as wife and Mom so strong,
We remember Carol singing her son a song.
Yes, we remember Carol.

Bridge 2
They've said our pain will go away some day,
How could it, 'cause she's in our hearts to stay,
If no good is served by a young person's dying,
What reason could they give we would be buying?

Verse 4
Her husband took a new wife on a day long gone,
Carol's son can't recall his buried Mom,
There are no answers, and no one to scold,
We remember Carol and quietly grow old,
Yes, we remember Carol.
Yes, we remember Carol.

Lyrics James A. Schoke Music James A. Schoke
Performance Jimmy Asher (Schoke) Label ShowKey SongWorks, LLC
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