Sometimes I Wish

Song Length 3:58 Genre Country - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Father, Son
Language English


Shadows are falling in the evening
Jasmine is fragrant in the air
(Hickory and sage fill the air) (alternate line)
I see the leaves shine in the starlight
Warm summer breezes everywhere

I'd sit and watch you in the evening
You didn't have too much to say
It was enough for a boy just to be there
Right by his father every day

Sometimes I Wish for the old times
Sometimes I Wish for days gone by
Sometimes I Wish I could feel your arm around me
And we could talk about our lives.

The years go by so very quickly
I have a son now just like you
I think you'd find
He is a fine boy
I know he'd like his grandpa too.

I tried to live just like you told me
Some days I lost, some days I won
But nights like these, warm summer evenings
I talk about you with my son.


Lyrics James Reeder Music James Reeder
Producer James Reeder Performance James Reeder
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