Dirt Track Baby

Song Length 1:01 Genre Country - Rockabilly
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English


Gotta stock car race at 1/2 past eight

Called my baby, said" "Don't be late!"

She said: "Don't worry 'bout the time,

I'll see you at the finish line".

I drove my car up to the start

My Mercury, she looks the part

Triple carbs, all in a line

Cragar mags, they sure do shine.

I look round, don't seem to see

My baby nowhere close to me

The racing starts and round we go

50 laps of dirt track show.

I take the lead bout 1/2 way through.

The checkered flag, it comes in view.

Then to my complete surprise

My baby starts to pass me by.

A dirt track, hopped up, hot rod ride

Blown and fast, she starts to slide

The finish line is coming fast

I see my baby hit the gas

150 miles per hour

She rockets by the flag man's tower

My dirt track baby looks so fine

Waiting at the finish line.

Lyrics James C Reeder Music James C Reeder
Producer James Reeder Publisher Foothill Road
Performance James Reeder
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