Catch My Breath

Song Length 2:54 Genre Country - Contemporary, Pop - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Similar Artists Craig Campbell, Chris Lane
Language English


Catch My Breath

Stop me cold
Couldn't believe my eyes-
Don't lie, you walk away
And turn, gotta swivel and a smile to
Light my day, baby pray
Gotta catch my breath

You're the one, the moment I saw
Don't walk away
Like fireflies and stormclouds
And warm summer days

I need you, I want you
Just run back my way
We'll hold hands and slow dance
And make love all day

Girl, you the talk of my dreams
You my sugar and cream
Can't believe what I seen
You're like a symphony
Of blues harp ecstasy
(gotta catch my breath)


(Bridge) We make love in my truck
Make love in the evening
Huggin and kissin, holdin and twistin-
Gotta catch my breath


©2017 James C Reeder ASCAP

Lyrics James C Reeder Music James C Reeder
Producer James Reeder Publisher Foothill Road
Performance James Reeder
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