Story Behind The Song

I have loved without limits in this lifetime, which has brought great adventure and great heartbreak. The melody came to me like a flash of lightening but the words had long echoed in my heart. It was a message from my higher self- you create your own reality, it's all in your head. Influenced by concepts of reality in Harry Potter and the Matrix. Dreams are real, and anything is possible, and I hold tight to this good feeling thought.

Song Description

This song is about taking charge of your own reality on the edge of hope and heartbreak. Sorrowfully inspirational, it's happening inside my head, but why should that make it any less real?

Song Length 6:20 Genre New Age - Progressive, New Age - Contemporary
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Enchanting, Serene
Subject Dreams, Hope Similar Artists Enya
Language English Era 2000 and later


I've often wondered if that night had only been a dream, and if that's all it ever was, how sad I'd be, if you had been a dream.
Don't try to bend the spoon.
That's impossible.
Only try to realize there is no spoon.
What bends is you.
If anything is possible, then why not us?
I'm the one you've been waiting for
Didn't know love hurt this much.
Our first time
All those words
I can fly
It's all in my head, yea, it's all in my head
You love me like I love you
It's just us two, it's all in my head
It's all in my head, yea it's all in my head
It's all in my head
And why should that make it any less real?
And I can't hide, I feel how I feel.
A light inside, my reality's real.
It's real in my head, yea it's real in my head
It's real in my head
It's real to me.

Lyrics Jenni Weeks Music Jenni Weeks
Producer Causality Studios Publisher Jenni Weeks
Performance Jenni Weeks
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