Richest Man in the World

Song Description

When I got my baby I'm the Richest Man in the World.

Song Length 6:34 Genre Blues - Rock


I ain't got no money.
Don't you know that I'm flat broke.
But when I got my baby.
I'm the Richest Man in the World.

She makes me feel all right. She makes me feel so good.
When I tell her all I got is loving.
You know good well it's understood.

She says all I want is love.
And I'll be satisfied.
As long as I can slip her some money on the side.

When I'm with my baby I'm the Richest Man in the World.
You may have more money but I'm the richer man with this girl.

She throws her loving on me just like a Sherman tank.
And let me tell you something now mister, it's better than money in the bank.

Lyrics James Eisele Music James Eisele
Producer James Eisele Publisher Blues By Night Music
Performance James Eisele & Blues By Night Label Blues By Night Records
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