Magic Feeling of Love

Story Behind The Song

Submitted this song to the Billboard song contest and got high marks. Got in the top 500 in the blues category. They sent me a pair of cool Blueblocker sunglasses. I finally lost 'em. They were real cool tho'.

Song Description

Watch out for that feeling.

Song Length 4:47 Genre Blues - Rock, Blues - Traditional
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110)


You could knock me over with a feather when she walked through the door.
You could do to me whatever and put me down on the floor.

I heard a voice talking to me.
Yeah it came from above.
You know that feeling had done hit me.
That Magic Feeling of Love.

It can make a man do some strange things.
Make a woman do too.
When that feeling comes and hits you.
It make you look like a fool.

Ain't nobody gonna help you.
'Cause you're all on your own.
You're either gonna make it or sink like a stone.

Lyrics James Eisele Music James Eisele
Producer James Eisele Publisher Blues By Night Music
Performance James Eisele & Blues By Night Label Blues By Night Records
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