I Ain't Got the Time

Song Description

This song is about getting fed up with a negative/passive aggressive/selfish person in the singers life and finally putting his foot down and giving the guy/gal the boot.

Song Length 3:50 Genre Rock - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Irritated, Disturbed Subject Anger
Language English Era 2000 and later


I AIN'T GOT THE TIME - Copyright 2009 - James Morris Pearson

You don't hear the words I say,
they don't fit your point of view.
You're working on another way,
to prove yourself to you.

You've given up on all of us,
we don't like your song.
Got nothing good to say,
because your heart is almost gone.

No reason left to count beyond the number one,
When it's always all about you,
You just ain't no fun.
You just ain't no fun.

No skin coming off your back,
everybody else is wrong
No need to hear the facts,
when you've got it going on.

When your words are not accepted,
you're reminded you're alone.
When you feel a bit rejected,
you just cast another stone.

I've had my share of your free advice,
All that's right about it, is the price.
I like the price.

I've seen this movie, I've heard your song before.
If you're coming over, I'm gunna lock my door.
Ain't no reason, I should hear you whine

Don't lie and say that you're a friend of mine,
when you don't care about my piece of mind...
I ain't got the time
I ain't got the time
I aint' got the time
I ain't got the time for you.

Lyrics James Morris Pearson Music James Morris Pearson
Producer James Morris Pearson Publisher James Morris Pearson
Performance James Morris Pearson
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