God Sings the Blues

Song Description

This song is about taking responsibility for your own life, actions and results and not blaming God when things don't go right or expect God to fix things for you or make things happen

Song Length 3:46 Genre Blues - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Jovial Subject Karma, Fun
Language English Era 2000 and later


God Sings the Blues - Copyright 2009 - James Morris Pearson

It's a crazy world and evil's got your number.
When he calls you up don't pick up that phone.
You've got your caller I.D.
so don't explain to me how it is.

Don't blame your mamma, don't you blame your dad.
You made your choices, some of them were bad.
Don't hang the blame for what you do on anyone but you,
you don't want to be the reason...

Take your money off the table, get your sister home,
Earn an honest dollar, give back what you don't own.
When your God-given tools are things that you abuse
I guarantee you'll be the reason God sings the blues.

Some are angry, some don't care,
some believe it's all unfair.
Some are greedy, some just plain suck,
some blame GOD for their bad luck.

I don't believe he'd be amused,
to see his gifts so misused,
don't you rely on some excuse,
you don't want to be a reason...

If Karma is an Angel, and I believe it's true,
she makes sure there' s pay back for everything we do.
The blame for what you do will always hang on you,
so you don't want to be ...
no, you don't wanna be ...
you don't wanna be
the reason why...GOD sings the blues!

Lyrics James Morris Pearson Music James Morris Pearson
Producer James Morris Pearson Publisher James Morris Pearson
Performance James Morris Pearson
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