freeway love

Song Length 4:20 Genre Country - Rock, Folk - Rock
Era 1970 - 1979


Give me the sun and the big blue sky with a gentle breeze.
Put down your guns, stoned, cooled ,slow and easy.
Give me the road and sit by me close girl and lets be free.
Don't ever let go, were like a night in the storm in the spring.
Now give me the wheel, caus I can drive that forever road.
The little white pills, keep me awake, kill the pain that I fill.
I'm chasing the sun, until the sun is chasing me.
I never want to die. You just sleep and I'll keep driving.
(coars).... Freeway love, I fill it when I'm nearing the city.
Though I was born near the mountains, I cant help it when I see the lights. Freeway gone I'm a god forgotten sorry..... Don't hold it against me just for taking the ride.
Tell me the joke ,because I don't get it must be insane.
Why do you laugh? Sometimes I think you enjoy my pain.
The world is a wonder on a warm, windy, afternoon.
Why don't we leave, we can load up the truck and follow the moon.

Lyrics johnson Music johnson
Producer johnson
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