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"september" is really a song about a bad breakup ... a love gone astray. It opens up with a scene about rolling around in bed all day, happy and playful. It quickly introduces internal conflict in the pre-chorus, an ominous sign that something's not right. The chorus depicts the actual meeting of the unrequited lovers and there are questions to be answered. It seemed like such a fairytale romance that now it seems like it was only a dream. The second verse shows more action but visually strikes images of the characters at a party, trying to choke down wine and bitterness all in one swift gulp.

Song Length 5:28 Genre Pop - Alternative, Rock - Psychedelic
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Content, Composed Subject Unrequited Love, Frustration
Similar Artists Panic at the Disco, Elliott Smith Language English
Era 2000 and later


pop goes bang another
we spent our days undercover
floating falling rolling baby
i don't remember what i was just saying
and when the lights go out is when you put on the charm
and when the lights go out is when you're doing me harm

do you remember
way back in september
was that just a daydream
the place by the treeswing
or was it november?
it's hard to remember
it felt like a movie
or was it a daydream?

let's get a few somethings staight like
hows the weather?
or even better
what do you anticipate when
your apologies are unfashionably late
just pop a bottle of wine and have a cheer for old times
and try to choke it down
let's get a few somethings straight and tell me

do you remember?

was it a daydream?

Lyrics David Kaufman and Stephen Banister Music David Kaufman and Stephen Banister
Producer David Kaufman Publisher David Kaufman and Stephen Banister
Performance David Kaufman and Stephen Banister Label Seven14Records
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