Just No Good At Bein' Bad

Song Length 3:51 Genre Jazz - Smooth Jazz, R & B - Soul
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Worried, Beside Yourself Subject Worry, Relationship
Similar Artists Etta James Language English
Era 2000 and later


Where's my baby
It's a quarter till nine
Waited all evening
Wasting my time
Oh, I'm gonna get him back
Lord, I'm gonna try
But I'm just no good at bein' bad
I'm so mad at myself that I can't stay mad
I drop to my knees and hold up my hands
Praying, Lord won't you help me to be bad

This ain't the first time
Won't be the last
He's a sorry son of a gun
But I'm still his lass
I'll stay by his side, no matter what he do
And now, it's a quarter till two
And I'm just no good at bein' bad
When he walks through the door
I forget what I've planned
I know I should leave him, but here I am
I'm just no good at bein' bad

I hear him talkin'
Don't care what he says
I said put away your excuses boy
and come on back to bed
I don't need your story
So love me instead
Cause he's just so good at bein' bad
He gives me good lovin'
The best that I've had
I know I should leave him but right now
I need him
and I'm just no good at bein' bad

Lyrics Mandy Cook Music David Walker
Producer David Walker Performance Holly Benton
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