Slow Train

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A true collaboration/fusion of styles--Country/Blues/Jazz. If you want to know what Silent Thunder is really all about-Here it is.

Song Length 3:42 Genre Country - Alternative, Country - Americana
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


Slow Train
© 2012/Hank Thomas all rights reserved

She's a slow train, but she likes runnin' off the track
She likes a steep grade, take the tunnel or the pass
If them warnin' lights are flashin' all I'll say is brother, better dial it back

She'll drive you insane, when that engine starts to dance
Stay on the main line, don't punch your ticket in advance
If you pull the pin too early no you'll never, ever, have another chance

As you roll into the station hopin' for another load
You can reach your destination, when that whistle starts to blow
She can take you to the junction if you ride her to the end
Just remember every time you feel her comin' round the bend, She's a slow train

Ain't no express lane, you know she likes to keep it neat
She's a slow train, And she needs a steady beat
If you feel that slow train runnin' better hold on tight and keep her on the track
When she's in the angel's seat you'd best get ready for a diesel heart attack

Well thought out arrangement of a soulful blues tune, feels like some Dylan and maybe some Petty, very nice guitar work. Creates a visual image, could be effective in soundtrack use.

I really like this song - tight sounding beat, I also like the lead guitar, sounds a lot like Dire Straits.

I like the guitar parts.
Lyrically makes perfect sense. Good concept using a train metaphor for a woman. Nice.
Rhythmically very accessible.

Lyrics HankThomas Music HankThomas//David Charles
Producer HankThomas Performance HankThomas//David Charles/Silent Thunder
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