Little Dixie Dancin' Queen

Song Description

Turn it up and get ready!

Song Length 3:17 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits Similar Artists Brooks & Dunn/ Garth Brooks
Language English Era 2000 and later


Little Dixie Dancing Queen
© 2015/Hank Thomas/ all rights reserved

9:30 rolls around, she's walking through that door
By 10:00 the band is smokin' and she's out there on the floor
Doin' a line dance, two-step, maybe little do-se-do
Everybody gathers 'round sayin', ah honey look at her go.

They're always hopin' for a show and she ain't never let 'em down
She's wigglin' and gigglin' and spinnin' all around.
Doin' the hoedown throwndown, boot scoot 'n' funky slide
If you thinkin' bout a dance, Take a number buddy get in line

She's about 5 foot 4 in her three inch heels
Makin' women cry, she's makin' grown men squeal
The way she's sugarfootin's makin' everybody scream
She's a, Oh My God, ain't she pretty, Little Dixie Dancin' Queen


Closin' time is here, she's waltzin' out the door
Then she's dancin' in the parking lot till quarter past four
When the boys try to kiss her, she brushes them aside
Fires up her truck and makes the gravel fly
They all try to follow but there ain't no luck
She's gonna lose 'em on them dirt roads in a cloud of dust

She's about 5 foot 4 in her three inch heels
Makin' women cry, she's makin' grown men squeal
The way she's sugarfootin's makin' everybody scream
She's an, Oh My God, ain't she pretty, Little Dixie Dancin' Queen

She's an, Oh My God, ain't she pretty
Glad she moved back from the city, Little Dixie Dancin' Queen

Really good lyrics and band energy. Like the piano playing and
guitars. Sounds radio ready.

I really like the beat of this song, I think the vocals are awesome! The recording sounds professional. Really like the lead guitar as well.

Lyrics Hank Thomas Music Hank Thomas
Producer Martin Young/Music City Demos Performance Ron Wallace - vocals/James Mitchell--smokin' lead/Dennis Holt--Drums
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