Hard Times in America

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Lotta Shit Going on and I've had it. I want answers.

Song Length 4:23 Genre Country - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


Hard Times in America
© 2010
Dear Mr. President, could you please, send a letter in the mail to me
And let me know just when you think, they're turning on the lights
Lost my job in 2 0 8, and this tunnel's getting' mighty dark
The wife would to know when everything is gonna be OK

(enough's enough) (enough's enough)
'Cause there's, hard times in America, hard times in America
Hard times in America these days

Corporate greed is outta hand, Now there stealin' from the common man, There's Hard times in America these days

Unemployment line is over here, big bank bonus over there
I just want to keep what took me half -a -lifetime to achieve

(enough's enough) (enough's enough)
"Cause there's, hard times in America, hard times in America
Hard times in America these days

You got people living on the street, don't know where they're finding their next meal
There's, Hard times in America these days, these days, these days

There's a haze that runs across this land, It's the burden of the working man
Can't pay his bills, can't feed his kids, keep the home he built with his own hands
Now they want to send his only son to fight some foreign man
The unseen hand who guides us all says love thy neighbor as thyself
That's why , I'm beggin' you please

Mr. President, Can you tell my ma, when my little brother's comin' home
From the hell he faces every day to save our asses, save our grace
Sure don't feel like the promised land, It's like we're back in Vietnam
On a never ending funeral train in the name of liberty
(enough's enough) (enough's enough)
"There's, hard times in America, hard times in America
Hard times in America these days

Children cry out in their sleep, while the mother's on her knees to weep
Oh there's, hard times in America, hard times in America
Hard times in America these days, these days, these days

Oh there's, hard times in America, hard times in America
Hard times in America these days, these days, these days

Very marketable! Catchy as hell! I like the lyrics and feel of the song a lot. All good stuff on this one.

Hank Thomas's song "Hard Times In America" is a great song !! It brings folks together the way music should. We all love and cherish our freedom and when that is challenged, we speak out. Hank Thomas has done this beautifully with his song "Hard Times In America" BRAVO !!!

Lyrics Hank Thomas Music Hank Thomas
Producer UNJ5 / Hank Thomas Publisher Thunderhead Publishing
Performance Hank Thomas & Silent Thunder Label Thunderhead Records
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Hard Times in America 2010--https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQzgCYUHrPk&feature=youtu.be

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