And The Horse You Rode In On feat. Audrey McDonald

Song Description

Man goes off to 'find himself', comes back three years later wanting a divorce. She has a few choice words for him.--TURN IT UP!

Song Length 3:55 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Furious, Incensed Subject Divorce, Bad Love
Similar Artists Gretchen Wilson, Miranda Lambert Era 2000 and later


And The Horse You Rode In On
© 2016 Hank Thomas/ all rights reserved

Three long years ago you left a little note
Said you're gone to find yourself, and somethin' 'bout a boat
But now you got some papers, and you're standing at my door
You got yourself a lawyer and you're wantin' a divorce

You're tellin' me that you deserve half of all we got
You say you're entitled, I say that you're not
Let me tell you one thing, I don't want the kids to hear
Lean in closer baby, let me whisper in your ear

. . . . . . And the horse you rode in on
That's the one thing, I won't even put a spin on.
Ain't no need to be pretendin', I ain't gonna fake it
There's only one thing that I'm thinkin', so I'm just gonna say it

You get half the dirty diapers yeah, they're out in your old truck
If your lookin' for that shotgun, I guess you're out of luck
I know it was your fav'rite and you wouldn't want it wasted
It made the final payment on little junior's braces

You get half the broken dishes, half of all my pain
Half the lonely nights spent cryin' while your babies called your name
If you want half the kids, which one we gonna split
I Got a lawyer of my own last week, and I don't need your . . .

. . . . . . And the horse you rode in on
That's the one thing, I won't even put a spin on.
. . . . . . And the horse you rode in on

You say we got a date next week, down in Family court
I can't wait until they tell you what you owe on back support

. . . . . . And the horse you rode in on
That's the one thing, I don't need to put a spin on.

I'm giving you my best deal and you better take it fast
Then go find the one you're lookin' for and kick 'em in the . . .

. . . . And the horse you rode in on
That's one thing, I can't even put a spin on.

Awesome song. Sounds like a song that Terry Clark would record. In fact, you have a Terry Clark sound. Amazing song, loved the whole premise of the song. Great words, great voice, and great instrumentation. I really love this song.

In your face from the start!! Love it. Good country rock tune. well balanced production...............................................

Rockin' country song! Clever lyrics. Love the vocalist. Lots of sass. Like the vocal harmonies. Nice guitar work & tone.
Great bridge section and breakdown building to final chorus.Reminiscent of Gretchen Wilson. Radio friendly material.

love the guitar sound and the fiddle. nice song. tight drums bass and rythum

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Producer Hank Thomas Performance Hank Thomas & Silent Thunder feat Audrey McDonald--Vocals
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