Iam Gonna Stay

Song Description

Two people trying to get it right

Song Length 4:44 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Jazz - Contemporary
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Delighted, Pleased Subject Making Up, Dysfunctional Relations
Language English


Verse: 1
every time we break up, its never for long.
we turn around, and make up, before the Nite is gone.
you say its me, I say Its you.
whatever we do, we have to stay together,
after all that we've been through.

A wise man once said, never say never
I' ll say instead, forever..........
I'm gonna stay forever...............
I am gonna stay, this time girl
I am never gonna leave.
I am gonna stay forever,
that's how it's gonna be.
I am gonna stay this time..
I am never gonna leave,
and be strong in my mind,
cause I, I really do believe.
(yes, I believe in love....in our love again)

Verse 2:
I was made for you, and you were made for me.
sometimes we can't see the forest,
cause we're looking at the trees.
We're knee deep in love ,
so, lets act like we know it.
sure as stars above, If we dont, girl we're gonna blow it.

Like bees and honey, like green on money
Lets stay together, forever
stay together forever..................
I am gonna stay,this time girl.
I am never gonna leave.
we can make it, I know.
deep inside, I really do believe.
(yes, I believe in love..............)

( Instrumental solo)

A wise man once said, never say never.
I' ll say instead, forever..........
I'm gonna stay forever...............

(chorus: repeat and fade)
(lead vocal Ad Lib out)

(I'm gonna stay with you baby... I) 2nd lead

It seems we break up to make up,
and we make up to break up
we make up ,we break up make up, break up.

(I don't care what friends have to say) 2nd lead

Lets concentrate on what we've got,
cause what we've got , girl we have alot.

(We'll make love by candle light, all night.) 2nd lead

Iam gonna take you to the top
and keep you there till I hear you shout.
don't, stop! don't stop! don't stop!

Lyrics Howard Mclaurin Music Howard Mclaurin
Producer Howard Mclaurin / Anthony Newett Publisher Mudada Music
Performance Howard Mclaurin / Anthony Newett Label Philadelfia Records
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