Hold On To Love

Song Length 4:21 Genre Pop - Classic, Pop - Easy Listening


Hold Onto Love

This is the only love, vs.1
Worth living for.
Precious the promise,
That lasts evermore.
This is the only way,
Worth reaching for,
Frightened but trust me,
Please stay,
And hear me say.

Hold on, hold on to my love.
Leave the past behind,
The pain that binds,
Come on now.
Hold on, hold on to my love,
There an answer you may find.
Hold onto love,
To my love.

Some have failed too, vs.2
Others denied,
Questions assailed you,
When true reason died.
Love never forsakes,
True love ever tries,
Love heals the heart breaks,
And love ever cries.

Though your heart was racked with pain,
You know you'd never be the same.
Hold on to love, to my love.
Walk from your darkness to the light,
In your heart you know it's right.
Hold onto love, to my love.

Copyright (c) Words & Music by Gavin M. Cox

Lyrics Gavin M. Cox Music Gavin M. Cox
Producer Bob Cranham

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