Vincent's Touch

Story Behind The Song

Two song writers got together and called on their talents to reduce another Mono Lisa another Rembrandt what came out was Vincent van Gogh, Vincent's touch

Song Description

Tracking the descendent of madness of Vincent van Gogh with the warmth of love for the greatest works paintings

Song Length 3:06 Genre Country - Contemporary, Pop - General
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Composed, Composed Subject Evolution, Infinity
Similar Artists The Doors, Abba Language English
Era 2000 and later


Vincent's Touch by Gary Matthews and Linda Ann Henry
When I look at you i see the paintings you ever drew
And Im mystical when I see what you can do
I'm watching the sky all your paintings
Which you have made
Colors gold as the sun
In the night in the Moon array
Now I am so very sure
I never met someone as beautiful as you
So beautiful as you

For you saw life which a blind man must see
Not even a window where the birds fly free
No one could ever understand
You painted with god in your hands
And I never knew someone
As beautiful as you, it is a gift
Heaven gave so very few
When you paint was such emotion
We see the devotion
And I never met someone
So beautiful as you

Today your paintings are all around
They are talked about in every sound
I thank you for the work I feel
Your touch has been so very real
Tonight I kiss each one of the stars
You have, so very far
And I have to tell you Vincent
I never met someone as
so beautiful as you

Lyrics Gary D. Matthews/ Linda Ann Henry Music Gary D. Matthews
Producer Gary D. Matthews Publisher Gary D. Matthews
Performance Gary D. Matthews Label Gary D. Matthews
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