Hillbilly City

Story Behind The Song

Just started writing about what was happening all over the country. My small town felt like Mayberry, but it's all sprwled out now... Wall Mart, Honda's with hood scoops! (thats totally wrong) all the Mom and Pop shops are becoming extinct.

Song Description

It's about my small hillbilly town becoming a city. The transformation of Mayberry into LA. Kids don't cruise anymore, they street race Honda's with NOS. The grocery store is Wall Mart! It's a feel good song about a feel bad subject. And it's funky country. You guys need a country funk catagory!

Song Length 3:01 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - Rock
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Annoyed, Ecstatic Subject Frustration, Home
Similar Artists Brooks & Dunn, Joe Cocker Language English
Era 2000 and later


Hillbilly City

This was a 2 lane road when I was 10 years old
And main street didn?t have a stop light
We had an ice cream shop, and mom and pops
And the town shut down on a school night

Now you can get a taco at 3 AM
On your way home from the local sports bar
And cruising was replaced by illegal street racing
In the parking lot of the super wall mart

This hillbilly city used to be my town
It was itty bitty now it?s all sprawled out
All the local shop owners, moved to Arizona
Run out of town by the corporate land owners
No rednecks left, and I think it?s a pity
I?m the only hillbilly left in Hillbilly City

Daddy sold 20 acres when the mill closed down
And mama went to work for a drive through
I couldn?t wait to get out of this town
And leave Mayberry in the rear view

But the grass wasn?t greener on the other side
For years all I wanted was to go home
I thought I?d move back to the simple life
But every thing I loved was long gone


This place used to be sweet as apple pie
Now you can kiss those good ole days goodbye

my trucks jacked up, with Waylon and Willie
So I don?t feel alone here in Hillbilly City

Lyrics Forrest Lee Bibbee Jr. Music Forrest Lee Bibbee Jr.
Producer Forrest Lee Bibbee Jr. Publisher Forrest Lee Bibbee Jr.
Performance Forrest Lee Bibbee Jr.
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