A Chilling Truth (Full Version)

Story Behind The Song

"A Chilling Truth" was one of my first pieces written with MIDI. I wanted to create something that gave the listener the subtle sense that something was wrong. My mind went immediately to The Sixth Sense, one of the greatest twists of all time, when the lead character realizes the truth. A feeling of sudden, disturbing shock hits and suddenly he is aware of the reality. The creepy melody that begins the song continues throughout and morphs into different motifs based on it. The cello and violin pair with the piano as a background to the truth unfolding. These different tunes act as thought processes all coming together into one final thought - the original one - to end the piece. It acts as a "coming to terms" with reality.

Song Description

This mysterious piano piece accompanied by soft cello and violin is perfect for an understated thriller or a chilling horror film. It is as beautiful as it is haunting. "A Chilling Truth" feels like a slow discovery of some disturbing secret.

Song Length 2:33 Genre Classical - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Gloomy, Disconcerted Subject Suspicion, Darkness
Similar Artists Olafur Arnalds, Frederic Chopin Language No Language
This track is on 2 Broadjam Top 10 Lists
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Texas #6
Classical - Contemporary #10
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