Cowboys Love Texas - demo

Song Length 3:03 Genre Country - Honky Tonk, Country - Traditional


Cowboys Love Texas

It ain't the moonlight on the Alamo
It ain't the purple cactus out in El Paso
It ain't their Stetsons or their momma's pecan pie
That makes a lonesome cowboy
Swell up with Texas pride

I know why cowboys love Texas
And it ain't rodeos or honky tonk bars
Well the reason why they stay
In the Lone Star State
Is that Texas is where their cowgirls are

They love their pick-ups and that red clay dirt
Riding bulls at Billy Bob's in old Ft. Worth
They love their brisket hot and cold beer cold
There's lots of things they love
But one thing they love most


There's cowboys in Montana where the winds cut cold
Vaquero's breaking broncos in New Mexico
There's wranglers in Wyoming up in Colorado too
They rope and ride in Kansas good as anybody do
Well there's round-ups in Nevada every single day
Them boys in Oklahoma love their RCA
And every state is special in every cowboy's mind
But something ?bout them Texas girls
That drives the cowboys wild



copyright 2007 E. Williams, B. Wilkinson, S. Woods

Lyrics E. Williams, B. Wilkinson, S. Woods Music Ed Williams
Producer Jason Roller Publisher EJW Music / LGN Publishing
Performance Magic Shack Studios - Nashville, TN - Dennis Parker, vocals Label None
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