Song Length 3:44 Genre R & B - Soul
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later



It's obvious, things ain't right here
It's slowly been going downhill
And for some time I've been trying to say this
All the reasons that I love you

Like the icing on a cake
That's what you taste like
What mama used to bake
That's what you smell like
Jell-O on a plate
That's what you move like
Baby you just make
Me want you
The cherry on the top
That's what you are
Lemon soda pop
Hiding in the cookie jar
Little orange drop
Ba baba da, you're my cherry on the top

It's hard enough, living here without you
Will you be back anytime soon?
It's dangerous, all of this pretending
Let me tell you what I miss about you...

Maybe if we take it slow, and we work together
And it ain't about a compromise
I'm serious, baby we can do this
Let me tell you one more time how I feel


I like the lyrics.
I think it could fit well on TV/Film soundtrack on a comedy show. It's fun and whimsical, brings a smile, like similar to an SNL sketch song.

Something to kick back to and vibe off of

I've got a big, big smile on my face, listening to this track. I absolutely love the metaphors in the chorus. Jello on the plate (that's what move like)...that's just so original, fresh, fun and funny, too. Even though this isn't my genre, I just loved your song. From intro to outro, professionally produced and recorded, such a pleasure to listen to. The chorus is what really sold me on this song. I bet you guys have a lot of fun making music together!

Lyrics Earl.C.Webb Music Earl.C.Webb
Producer Earl.C.Webb Performance Earl.C.Webb
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