Cloud 9

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Song Length 3:50 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - Funk
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood On Cloud Nine Subject General, Happiness
Similar Artists Pearl Jam, Bush Language English
Era 2000 and later


Cloud 9
That?s the way she goes, louder and clearer these days
From the backstage of, where she works
Wondering what time that she is on the road
Id like 2 see her on the freeway
Speed past me at a million miles an hour
Where the hell is she going so quik pace
Today I know that im gunna have to work hard
If im going to catch her tail
Spaciasley indicide
Catch up 2 her on root 66
It took me 4 hours to get my mind around this
ba daa da doo do do
Pre Chorus
That?s the way she goes
With her pretty clothes
And her diamond rings
And all those things
And the way she moves
Stands real close right next 2 me
I feel like im on cloud 9
Well im on cloud 9 im feelin
Lookin back to nothing
Floating higher 4 the 1st time
Cant wait till I get to the top
Middle 8
To the bottom of the well
Gracefully inside a picture
Today where going to localise , 2 harmonise
Your secret smile , your own true colors
The way you worked at night
Between me girl you?re a sinner
Between the lines of evolution our lies
Spoken pictures or the day of want
Spoken attitudes she phrase
From a different point
2 the bottom of a stone where
2 the highest point
Middle 8
Leave with the need don?t fail
Is the constant grip to be yourself
Leave with the need don?t bail
When the rain comes clear youll understand me again
has it come on me again
the white little girl
speaking of a new future
castle built of stone
and bridges made of sand
from a love she gave to me

Lyrics Tim Rickard Music Ylia Callan
Producer Simple Music Productions. Publisher simple music productions.
Performance Tim and Ylia Label Unsigned
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