Just You Wait

Story Behind The Song

I was in love with my best friend of 8 years. I kept trying to get him to see that we were meant to be, but he always was distracted by other girls. Then one day, when I had another boyfriend, he woke up and realized he did love me. We've been together ever since. :)

Song Description

A girl has always had her eye on a boy, but he never looked at her the same way. She stayed around, and one day he finally woke up and realized they were meant to be.

Song Length 3:41 Genre Pop - Easy Listening, Pop - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Enchanting, Glad
Subject Love at First Sight, Falling in Love Language English
Lyrics Melissa Thorson-Hanson Music David Hanson
Producer DuRose Publisher DuRose
Performance DuRose
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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