Common Ground

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Song Length 3:18 Genre Pop - General, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Welcoming, Pleasant Subject Peace, Peace
Similar Artists Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson Language English
Era 2000 and later


I don't wanna argue anymore today
I think it's time we find a better way to communicate
'cause you talk all over me and we can't hear each other
how come we always end up criticizing one another

sometime's it's hard for me to understand your meaning
I need to step back and contemplate which way you're leaning
just because you look at me as the opposition
doesn't mean that I should think of you as my competition

why don't we try
to see eye to eye

Let's meet on Common Ground
Let's try and not back down
compromise a little and try to meet me in the middle somehow
Let's find a way that we
Can live in peace and harmony
it's clear to me there's no easy way out
Until we find a Common Ground

right now the wall between us might seem to big to conquer
but we can't continue bumping heads like this any longer
if we don't find a way how can we live together
we need to face reality and ask ourselves whether

before this life ends
we can be friends
(repeat chorus)

what if we try to make this load a little lighter
what if we try to make today a little brighter
why don't we make
the give and take
a little easier to tolerate right now
and find some Common Ground

Lyrics Dorothy Wallace Music Dorothy Wallace
Producer Dorothy Wallace, Publisher Dorothy Wallace
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