I'm Liable

Song Description

Taking another chance at love

Song Length 3:58 Genre Blues - Rock, Pop - Rock
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Endearing Subject Attracted, Crush


Could it be something just accured to me
I didn't really think I'd be, the one to fall so severely
I know I may have thought it all before
But you just opened up a brand new door
And now it seems oh so clearly, that

I'm Liable to hold you in my arms tonight
To wander through your hearts desires
I really want to do it right , You've got to understand
I'm Liable to put my heart against your soul
I really want to let you know, Tonight could be the night to go
You really have to know I'm Liable

I'm Liable to break my heart I know
I'm liable to be completely blown
But I don't think that's something you'd conceive
I'm liable to freely take that chance
I'm liable to freely do that dance
Cause I can see that you make me believe, That I'm Liable

You can rely on something that began so low
And suddenly it all explodes and lightens up before your eyes
I can see that is what you've done to me
It's never happened quite like this
But now I know I can believe, that

Chorus [twice]

Lyrics Darryl Dingler Music Darryl Dingler
Producer Darryl Dingler Performance Darryl James
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