Knee Deep In Gators

Story Behind The Song

it came from a line in a novel about being "ass deep in alligators". we tamed it down a bit for country...

Song Description

I can take care of myself big time!

Song Length 3:29 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


(Claire Ulanoff/Lynn Wilbanks/Ralph Friedrichsen)

Black water stretching far as you can see
Cottonmouths hanging from the cypress trees
Slapping dem skeeters off my neck
Something just slithered up against my leg...I?m

Knee deep in gators in this here swamp
They?re licking their lips like I?m filet mignon
But those big old toothy grins don?t scare me none
Us country girls know just what to do
When you?re knee deep in gators...make boots

Not every reptile lives in the ?Glades
There?s one at this bar that won?t go away
If he don?t back off, I?m telling you this
He?ll get a triple take down half nelson twist...


Two tone, hand sewn, can?t you see where this is goin?
But first, it gets worse, I really need a matching purse...


Lyrics Claire Ulanoff, Lynn Wilbanks, Ralph Friedrichsen Music Ralph Friedrichsen
Producer Focus Performance Kim Parent
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