Scars (band: Ears with Eyes)

Song Description

A song about deep love loss and the pain one feels. Sometimes one gets carried away and feels there is nothing left and they can't go on.

Song Length 3:41 Genre Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English


(c)2012 Casia - lyrics
Benny Moore - composition/ arrangment/ mix/ vocals
Henry Mittnacht - Guitar
Murph - Bass

There's an arrow in my heart
Creating a hole
The swords of injustice
Are chained to my soul
As I walk on empty
Through this desert of sand
I have nothing to give
For I've been damned

You were the angel behind heaven's door
So I reached for the stars
But I climbed the wrong stairs and walked the wrong floor
Now I'm healing my scars
Healing my scars

The vultures have seen me
I can't run away
I'm sitting and waiting
While I quietly pray
My parched lips have taken
Too much poison within
I'm lost on a hillside
With a clear view of sin


The pain of losing you has left me in doubt
Throw me deep into the ocean
The sharks of lost love all circle about
Trying to put the bite on my pride and emotion


(Chorus) X2

God please forgive me
Somehow I forgot
That the wrong stairs to love
Will keep heaven locked

Lyrics Casia Music Benny Moore
Producer Benny Moore Performance The band: Ears with Eyes
Label Casia Productions
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