James Dean You Made Me Cry (14 yr old Hannah Clohessy of Ireland

Story Behind The Song

Fourteen year old Hannah Clohessy of Ireland was convinced by her dad (a collaborator of mine) to sing this cool retro song and I think she did an aweseome job. And, she actually knew who James Dean was :). I'm thrilled with the final result and a wonderfully fun project.

Song Description

James Dean was and always will be considered "cool". I couldn't resist writing a little song to reminince the 50s.

Song Length 3:36 Genre Unique - General, Pop - Dreampop
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Delightful, Charming Subject Attracted, Crush, Love at First Sight
Language English Era 1950 - 1959


James Dean (Lyrics:Casia/Music:Andy Gupta (c) 2008, 2010)

(4/4 126bpm)

(INTRO V) D/Bm x 2
Standing on the corner
There In tight blue jeans
G Em
Leaning against a lamp-post
Is A young James Dean

(And now) My heart is racin'
like a wind-up toy
G Em
Trying to be - oh so cool
hoping to catch his eye

Bm E
Bryle cream and fallen stars
Jelly beans and parked cars
G F#m Bm
Meet you out at East of Eden Way)
G A Bm E A
James Dean you made me cry today

A peaked cap hides his face
With sullen look and swept back hair
G Em
He's swinging his leath-er jack-et
Does he even know I'm there

Bryle cream and fallen stars
Iced sodas and candy bars
You'll always be my rebel with-out a cause
James Dean you made me cry today

Can he read read my thoughts.. Am I just a fool
Em G Bm
To think a girl like me can hold him so
G A F#m Bm
I can't seem to help it - I think he's oh so cool
Em G
Should I walk on by with my head held high
F#m Bm
Oh James Dean, is it good-bye,




Standing near the drugstore
Combing back his hair
I can still see him standing
I can feel him there

Cigarette smoke in dim lit bars
Stolen kisses -placed -in the dark
Stepping to our blackboard jungle dance

Oh James Dean you made me cry today
James Dean you made me cry today
James Dean you made me cry today

Casia - lyrics
Hannah Clohessy - vocals
Billy Playle - electric and acoustic guitars, solo
John Wooten - drums
Andy Gupta - bass, piano
Adam Kirby - mix/production
Bobby Clohessy- head coach, dad

Lyrics Casia and Andy Gupta Music Andy Gupta
Producer Adam Kirby Performance The band
Label Casia Productions
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Clean Clean

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