Contradictions (band: Ears with Eyes)

Story Behind The Song

Benny Moore's great compositions and catchy musical hooks combined with Henry Mittnacht on guitar, Mike on bass and Casia's bittersweet lyrics make this a memorable tune.

Song Description

Love is never simple, it's full of contradictions that you find yourself second-guessing everything you do.

Song Length 3:25 Genre Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English


(c)2012 Casia - lyrics
Benny Moore - composition, arrangement
Henry Mittnacht - guitar
Mike - bass

You say that you want me
No questions asked
But soon enough
You're walking past

All of the places
That meant so much
With no second glances
With no second touch

Every time I open my eyes
I see the contradictions you've disguised
Every time I give you my heart
Your contradictions leave their painful secret scars

I've tried to love you
And I've tried to forget
I've tried to imagine
That we never met

Pushed to the edge
I've been here before
But your perfect kisses
Got me praying for more


How could I fall in love so deep
When all you do is keep me crying
With all promises you don't keep
Can't you see how you got me dying

The sun's in my eyes
But I can't look away
As I try to remember
Why I ever wanted to stay


Lyrics Casia Music Benny Moore
Performance The band: Ears with Eyes Label Casia Productions
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