Color Me Blue (band: Ears with Eyes)

Song Description

When love falls apart you are colored blue. You are sad and remember the good times and wonder how it all came tumbling to pieces.

Song Length 3:25 Genre Pop - Rock, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English


(c)2012 Casia & Benny Moore - lyrics
Benny Moore - composition/ arrangement/ mix/ vocals
Henry Mittnacht - guitar

I tried to change you
Turn you into gold
But when love gets broken
There's nothing left to hold

So I tried not to need you
And look the other way
I walk the back road now
It takes me far away from me and you...

No matter how hard I try
I can never break through
You paint me like the midnight sky
You always color me blue

Missed love connections
Such a crying shame
A heart's imperfections
And the questions that remain for me and you...


Find a dark table; have a glass of wine
In our favorite place with your hand in mine
Don't need to be the one to cause a heart to ache
Don't want to tell the world this love's been a big mistake

Love everlasting
Going nowhere fast
Happy ever after
Is it too much to ask for me and you...


Lyrics Casia Music Benny Moore
Producer Benny Moore Performance The band: Ears with Eyes
Label Casia Productions
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