Good Enough For Nashville Star

Story Behind The Song

From the writer: This is a true story of my experiences auditioning for Nashville Star. I'm not bitter or resentful, I just wanted to make fun of myself and the reality TV show process a little. It is true that they picked a cowboy and a sweet young th

Song Description

This song is intended to poke a little fun at the process for picking contestants for reality TV shows. After not being selected for the Nashville Star TV show, a contestant shares his experience.

Song Length 3:53 Genre Country - General, Country - Contemporary
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Affable, Composed Subject Comedy, Funny, Musician
Similar Artists George Strait, Clint Black Language English
Era 2000 and later


I drove from Phoenix to Denver . . . to try to make it onto Nashville Star
They said, "We'll take anybody . . . come as you are!"
I got in front of that camera . . . I thought I'd give 'em some Hank
But they said, "We'll take the cowboy and the sweet young thing,
And everybody else . . . thanks."

I guess I ain't young . . . thin . . . or cool enough
To make it on Nashville Star
They never really listened to my singin'
They wouldn't even let me play my guitar
Oh, but that's alright . . . 'cause most every night
I got fans . . . fillin' up my jar
It really doesn't matter to me, if I ain't good enough for Nashville Star 2nd X to Bridge 3rd X to Tag
Yeah, I sing for a livin' . . . makin' mu-sic on this old guitar
Got fans from Phoenix to Knoxville, got a hun-dred thousand miles on my car
I got a sweet lovin' baby . . . she's my biggest fan, no doubt
So I'll just keep on . . . makin' my music and makin' my people proud! To Chorus

They picked five Barbie dolls . . . three Tim McGraws
And a musical fa-mi-ly
If they'd take my advice . . . it'd be kinda nice
If most of them could actually sing
To Chorus

No, it really doesn't matter to me . . . if I ain't good enough for Nashville Star

Denver . . . in February? What were they thinkin'? We had to stand in line outside in the snow! They should have it in Phoenix next year
Speakin' of next year, wait til they see my new body, thanks to Bowlfex and Nutrisystem.
I'm sure my friend Coffey made the show; think I'll vote for him...

Lyrics Bob Villa Music Bob Villa
Producer Bob & Penny Villa Publisher Desert Man Music
Performance Bob Villa Label Independent
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