The Key To My Heart

Song Length 3:06 Genre Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Diplomatic Subject Breaking Up
Language English


The Key To My Heart...

Music & Lyrics By Bob Gray ©

There is a heart, that beats inside of us
That tells our souls which path for us is best.
That leads the way, in love and faith and trust
And when it's time to put our love to rest.

You lost your key to my heart... The day that you walked away.
Gave up your hold on me... The moment I heard you say:

We're over... We're done...
I don't like what you've come....
To mean to me...
It's too much...
I can't be by myself... Without you, being there...
You're everywhere...

And so I must leave all this behind me when I go...
I'm seeking the knowledge of knowing what I don't know...
I'm turning and going down roads where I don't go...
I'm leaving behind the one thing that is constant in my mind...
That is you.
That is you.

And then today, you decide to call me up.
And tell me that the last year was all wrong.
That you'll come back, and we can start anew
It will be just like you were never really gone.

Repeat Chorus

Lyrics Bob Gray Music Bob Gray

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