the Jinx

Story Behind The Song

We were stapling the first CD with a big industrial staple machine, (one thousand booklets) and the rhythm of the machine made us stop and write this tune which was then on the second CD.

Song Description

Hopefully the opening line sets the tone: "I was shooting pool in a smokey bar with a trucker I met at the rodeo". The guy proceeds to shark and hustle at pool while on the lam from his ex-girlfriend. When she finds him, he scratches on the eight and his good luck is over. She's got a gun and he exits stage left with te pedal to the metal and flips her off when he's out of shooting range. What else, he starts an honest life, a singer in a band...

Song Length 4:43 Genre Country - Rock


I was shooting pool in a smokey bar with a trucker I met at the rodeo
he said, Son I can tell there?s a secret you?ve been keepin? ?
I said, ?I left my Lolita and I stole her car, and 37 bucks she kept in a jar
that she laid at the head of her bed when she was sleepin? ?

Anywhere I go she?s gonna find me
Anywhere I go she?s gonna find me
I don?t need her here to remind me
She?s gonna find me anywhere I go

I said ?I don?t blame you ?cause you look amazed but I?ve only shot pool about 10 days
and I feel it?s fair if I warn you in the beginning
I been to 10 different bars, shot 10 different cues and I took a lot of money
from 10 different fools
and as long as my woman?s gone I keep on winning?


I said?rack ?em quick ?cause my game is hot, it don?t even matter if I aim or not
as long as my woman?s gone I?ll just be fine?
He said ?son you done met your match?
I said ? I made the eight !?
He said ?yeah but you scratched?
it was then I knew that I was out of time
and he said ?son I don?t know if you want to hear this or not
but there?s a girl with a gun in the parking lot
she says her name?s Lolita?mean anything to you??

you two timing, back stabbing, horse thieving, no ?count, two bit, double dealing, swamp living, son of a motherless goat?

well happiness is a road that?s clear and a pistol shooting woman in my rear view mirror
as soon as I was out of range I gave her the finger
but since that night when I scratched that cue I?ve had a lot trouble just shooting pool
but I found me a band that said they needed a singer


Lyrics m.bolger, p.bolger Music bolger, georges, bolger
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