Really Not Sorry

Story Behind The Song

there are so many combinations of people that can make eachother happy in this world; why freak out when ONE of them doesn't work out?

Song Description

to continue, neither hell nor tatoos will induce this guy to apologize and in the end, he hears bigger voices calling to him to open his eyes...

Song Length 5:33 Genre Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Mad
Similar Artists Oasis Language English
Era 2000 and later


Really Not Sorry

You can scream, you can cry, you can throw your love away
You can bleed, you can die, but you?ll never hear me say
That I need what you feed and then cover up with lies
I don?t feel what you feel and I won?t apologize

?cause I?m down with the feel of the ground but I?m really not sorry
sound of the wheels spinning ?round I put your name on my Harley
you treats me and these like disease it kinda slays me I may be down
on my hands and my knees but I?m really not sorry about anything

You can call your old boy, maybe he?ll come and sleep with you
you can go out to the shows with your new creep with you
I can find another girl who can dance like you
I don?t mind uneven odds, didn?t I take chance on you?

?cause I?m down with the feel of the ground but I?m really not sorry
clouds full of rain coming down but I?m really not sorry
earth opens up I see Hell but I?m really not sorry
look in my eyes can?t you tell that I?m really not sorry about anything

leavin? home to find a note tonight to say to you that I will be fine away somewhere
bleed in time it?s yours and mine and I know that you gonna have to take your face away from here

Lyrics P. Bolger Music Bolger, Vermilye, Miller, Mills, Boylan
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