06.) Shakin'/TheIneffableBillyRose

Story Behind The Song

I met a young lady at a concert who was dancing free-form and her moves were mesmerizing. I spoke with her in length and she revealed her dark secret to me.

Song Description

Molestation of daughter by Father. Her way of dealing with it is to dance.

Song Length 3:48 Genre R & B - Soul, Blues - Modern
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Sociable, Moving Subject Numbness, Murder, Rape
Similar Artists Bobby Bland, Joe Cocker Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


She came walkin' through the door
Some kinda vision ain't never seen before
Slid past me across the room
Head spinnin' from her perfume
So lovely almost Divine
Straight for the jukebox man she was fine
Fist fulla quarters filled the machine
Music started or was this a dream
Will she be shakin' baby tonight
Dance to the music sweet 'n' slow
Turnin' shakin' twistin' real low
Mind racin' she gave me a glance
Come on Honey now give me a chance
She motioned me onto the floor
Very signal I been waitin' for
Movin' closer she backed away
Said no touchin' not me anyway
Will she be shakin' baby tonight
So confused I didn't understand
Couldn't even dare hold her hand
If you behave an' I hope you do she said
I may just share a story with you
We sat down an' ordered a drink
Both got sodas what was I to think
She got up to powder her nose
As she came back I wondered what goes
Will she be shakin' baby tonight
As a young girl in the middle of the night
Daddy came creepin' by the soft moonlight
He sneaked into my room an' onto my bed
Did things that made me wish I was dead
He crushed my soul stole my dreams
Wrecked my life with his carnal schemes
Music's my way to ease the pain
All I know to keep from goin' insane
Will she be shakin' baby tonight
But that's my tale I hope you can see
Why I mus' dance 'n' what it means to me
I take no lover this I can't do
So if you must leave that's all up to you
An' if you stay there's no guarantee
That you'll ever get close to me
I make this promise though if ya do
If you want I'll dance all night with you
Will she be shakin' baby tonight
Will she be shakin' baby tonight
Will she be shakin' baby... TONIGHT!

Lyrics Billy Rose Music Billy Rose & Kasey Williams
Producer Kasey Williams-Nashville/Larry Goshorn-Cincinnati Publisher BlueSoul Publishing/BMI
Performance Billy Rose, Kasey Williams, Jimmie Ibold, Johnny Neel, Maxwell Schauf Label BabyD Records
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