Perpetual Hold

Story Behind The Song

Seems today you dial, are asked to enter numbers for options, and then sit on hold until eternity. Once in a while you'll hear a voice tell you to keep holding, but it's a ploy to keep you hanging on.

Song Length 2:10 Genre Pop - General, Pop - Rock
Tempo Fast (151 - 170) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Frenzied, Stressed Subject Disgust, Frustration
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Perpetual Hold
1st verse:
So here I sit with a phone to my head,
Hoping for a person, I got music instead
I get more music on the phone everyday,
Then I get from the juke, for all the money I pay
Can?t talk to no one, they?re all busy I?m told,
So here I sit on perpetual hold
I just can?t get thru to no one today,
Guess no one wants to hear what I have to say
So here I sit on Perpetual Hold
The voice that answered was uncaring and cold
They offered options which I carefully chose
I guess I?m stuck with perpetual woes
So here I sit on Perpetual Hold
A human voice would be more precious than gold
Another time I hear the song as it?s rolled
(Here) as I sit on Perpetual Hold
2nd verse:
Whose bright idea were these tunes on the phone
Feel like hanging up and playing tunes of my own
Once in awhile I get talked to again
I just can?t listen to this voice in a can
Just how much longer do they think I can last
(It)?s like phone etiquette?s a thing of the past
It?s been so long this phone is stuck to my ear
Feel like I?ve been on hold no less than a year

Music by Marc E. Hatzinger Words by Dale L Bennett

Lyrics Dale Bennett Music Marc Hatzinger
Performance Dale Bennett / Marc Hatzinger
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