Story Behind The Song

The individual within the song had a really bad day, and found their self sitting in front of their stereo after they got home. Somewhere during the album Divinity shows up speaking through the record, and the two subject's words bleed into one.

Song Length 4:20 Genre Electronic - Electronica
Mood Beside Yourself, In High Spirits Subject 6th Sense, Intuition, Infinity
Similar Artists La Bionda, New Order


A jeweled light,
that shines so bright,
to your threshold,
living audiophile.
You slip on out of,
your sleeves and spot,
to receive a plastic kiss.

Turn down the lights,
it's applicable,
it's applicable.

You are ready to hear,
hear the perfect circles play.

A days fight is overcome,
another record done.

Have you ran outta sides?

You reached for a gatefold,
but found a single sleeve.

You are bereaved
Have you ran out of groove?

When your day is done.
Done at last.
Enough talk and trash.
Slip this song on
And your needle drops,
no time to stop.
After the needle drop.
At the runoff.
At the runoff groove.

Movement in my mind, it's true.
Utterance of golden blue.

Stereo in my mind,
the sounds......
I can hear into the spiritual.

Turn out the lights,
it's applicable.
It's applicable.

Another day has passed and you find,
you are not alone.
There's perfect circles playing in your EQ'd dreams.
You are not alone.

Life is many circles but just one ring.
Play it through as clean,
as clean as you can.
To that runoff,
that runoff groove.
After the needle drops,
Are you at your runoff groove?

Lyrics Auralov Music Auralov
Producer Auralov Publisher Auralov
Performance Auralov Label Unsigned

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