Bandana Man

Song Length 4:20 Genre Country - Contemporary, Folk - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Peace


He rolled in off the highway like a dog without a home
Bandanas round his head on wheels of faded chrome
Pumpin' gas he told me how his life had changed
It was goin' wrong in Saigon when they called his name

Bandana man
Wears a red one for the fallen
White for where they've gone
Blue for how he feels
Though he don't know you
He'll stop long enough to tell you
Nothin' wipes the tears away like a bandana can

His story goes he was shootin' from a hole
Far cry from all those times huntin' deer back home
In a flash from a blast his best friend was gone
He put his bandana over the face of a mother's only son

He came home with honor came home with pride
came home with a hollow heart and a hitch in his stride
Started up that Harley n' heard the callin' of the road
I offered up my best salute and watched him go

Bandana Man

Lyrics Arlon Bennett Music Arlon Bennett
Producer Donnie Skaggs/Bob Harris/Arlon Bennett
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