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self explanitory

Song Length 5:20 Genre Pop - Alternative


I woke up late again, feeling sorry for myself, this isn't working
Wish I sould remember when I did'nt feel so fucked up hmm that something
I'm still wearing the same clothes, wipe the snot out of my nose I feel pretty
Kick the dog, grab a smoke, tell the neighbor a stupid joke. He thinks I'm witty...
Welcome to an average day, hope things go my way. That's positive thinking
Today's the day the only day today my ship is coming in. My ship is sinking
Fortune calls in sick, destiny gets his ass kicked and my luck hiding somewhere in the past
Faith won't set me free, reality feels like make believe as all my sins line up to kick my ass

Karma my old friend, Have a drink and laugh with me again, but karma don't bring up the past
Karma my old friend, tell me why this feeling never ends, and why the good times never last..

Sunny summer afternoon, calendar says sixth of June, I'm getting older
Just let my soulmate walkaway without a trace, their is just a few things that I should have told her
My emotions don't seem to work, my feelings don't get hurt, and all that other stuff your suppose
to say. Painted life in shades of grey, built my dreams out of clay. Is there another way

Karma my old friend, time to laugh or time to cry again? Karma which onewill it be..
Karma my old friend turn the tides and change my life again, what you want from me...

Innocense won't laugh untill we die. Ecstacy won't play untill we die. Passion still won't dance
untill we die. Hunger won't recede untill we die

Lyrics Anthony Hugh Harrison Music Anthony Hugh Harrison
Producer Anthony Hugh Harrison Publisher King Bonehead Music /BMI
Performance George James on Bass, Andrew Stevens on Drums, Ben Swan on Violin
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