Story Behind The Song

I was inspired by TV images of homeless people. I also read the lyrics to the Beatles' Eleanor Rigby. It seems like the song should be titled All The Lonely People.

Song Description

How I used to be important: people who had problems came to me. How I fell on hard times through no fault of my own. How I found relief at a local shelter, which gave me time to get back on my feet. What I had to be most concerned about in my everyday living. Even though I was in need of a place to sleep, food to eat and shelter, I didn't want it to show that I was beat inside and suffering because of my downfall.

Song Length 3:58 Genre Folk - Traditional, Folk - Traditional
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Moving Subject Recovery, Encouragement
Similar Artists Bob Dylan, Harry Chapin Language English
Era 2000 and later


I went to college and got my degree
My whole world was in front of me
Found a good job and had lots of friends
Who would have thought it would come to an end

Looking back, things were so great
Now look at me in my current state

I'm homeless on the street. Can't escape the heat
Wondering when I'll eat, Or if I'll find a place to sleep

All of a sudden, my world lost its star
All that was safe fell apart
My fall was so shocking that even close friends
Were at a loss to comprehend

Looking back, there were some clues
But I'd always make some sort of excuse

I'm homeless on the street, Others just like me
Too proud to show they're beat, and holding on to dignity

Fate took a turn. In a doorway I woke
And kind strangers offered some hope
They helped me get steady and to believe
Brought me to a Shelter, got me on my feet

Now, I'm looking ahead, and I can't wait
I've got new purpose. I have renewed faith

Their community taught me skills to succeed
They gave me food to eat. The Shelter rescued me

There may always be homeless left to roam
But Shelters always seek a place for them to call home

Lyrics Anthony M. Marques Music Anthony M. Marques
Producer Anthony M. Marques Publisher Anthony's Tunes
Performance Michael Rains Label Macknwally

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