Tomorrow Morning

Song Length 2:33 Genre Pop - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


tomorrow morning

she don't know what each one knows
she makes me go wrong
she made me get up and write this song
it won't take long
the feeling is strong

she's as wise as her name states
she makes all things bright
she showed me it's fun to stay all night
even if we fight
the feeling's so right

it feels like a morning
she feels just like a morning to me
feels just like a morning to me
I don't mind tryin'

she makes others step aside
she woos 'em with her smile
she portrays it's fun to be alive
and for a while
just for a while

I don't mind dyin'

she feels just like tomorrow to me
tomorrow is another day

Lyrics Andrew Vroomans (aka Andy Vee) Music Andrew Vroomans (aka Andy Vee)
Producer Andy Vee & The Cry Ugly Performance The Cry Ugly
Label Irisette Records
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